Christmas – A Yearly Instructive Event for the World

Christmas is a commemoration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. No one has the accurate time and date when Jesus was born. I am not sure if there was any calendar in place at that time. The current calendars all over the world are around His person and life, dating either before Christ or after His death. We...

While men slept, the enemy came Part 3 – A call for Prayers

This article is in series. Two parts have been published. This third part of the series has become very challenging for me. I have tried to conclude it but have had difficulty to do so. And I know the reason. It is about prayers which is one of the most challenging aspects of the Christian life. The most successful Christians...

While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat Part 2

The first part of this article was about our society, which is fast going on the down side with life losing meaning. The daily news is full of horror, the killing of innocent people, and character assassination. It is fast becoming a common occurrence (the norm) for those considered prominent in society and wealthy to commit suicide. Behavior which in...

While Men Slept, the Enemy Came and Sowed Tares Among the Wheat – Part 1

Our Lord Jesus Christ while He was physically on earth, often spoke in parables. The parables, which were also proverbs, were very powerful and instructive. They were prophetic and speak to the unfolding events of our current times. Generations past made the mistake of not being conscious of these prophetic statements and left subsequent generations in despair and trouble. Unfortunately,...

The Gospel of Materialism – Reverend Jesse Duplantis’ fleet of jets

I do not usually like to comment publicly on pastors and men of God who make choices that do not appear appropriate in the body of Christ. Such comments are often regarded as criticisms or condemnations of a servant of God. I am writing this article because it has become necessary to correct some issues of concern to the church...

A World Without Purposeful America is Hub for Evil.


In 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. The world condemned the actions of Saddam Hussein but the world and Kuwait needed someone to redress the situation so that it would not become a pattern in the comity of nations for a nation to usurp the sovereignty of another nation. The best-known weapon of the United Nations Organization and United Nations Security Council,...

Death: Is it Good Night or Goodbye?

It is natural and human to be filled with deep sorrow when our loved ones die. The physical separation is usually agonizing. Often, it seems unthinkable as we see one’s father, mother, sibling, or friend lying in the wooden casket, and being lowered into mother earth, knowing that in reality we cannot see them anymore in this mortal body. The...

Saving America

President Trump/FBI's FISA/Burden of Prayers for the Church

I wrote a book which was published in year 2012, “Saving America: the war we can’t ignore”. Objective of the book was to address what should be the concerns in the heart of American churches and believers who read the Christian Bible. The book is not popular because I am not a known author and have not yet established a...


President Trump and ‘Shithole’ Comment

Politics is getting messier all around the world. We wake up daily to new games politicians employ to outdo each other, getting the electorate confused as to what is the truth. They engage in character assassination of one another in the quest for political advantage. Unfortunately, power like life itself, is for a brief moment. In a short while you...

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